Africa has long been lagging behind other continents at least from a media. “The voice of free-Voice” is finally born. Culturally means, Africa has long been lagging behind other continents in terms of media coverage of cultures. Africa is full of many talents. This is a lovely, secluded in person in the field of music, sports, art in general. But all these talents can be recognised globally without the support of an international African media.

This is a difficult but a noble mission that Elite TV1 International has set itself. Born in the Diaspora and for the Diaspora, Elite TV1 International aims to be the vehicle of African talent born outside and those left on the African continent.

Elite TV1 International develops and maintains contacts with African policy makers to disseminate cultural policies of different states and ensure that African youth has means to become familiar with any African civilisation and other types of civilisations in order to pave the way for fruitful exchanges between cultures.

In the political and economic era, Elite TV1 International aims to be the reference information on the activities of the different communities in the Diaspora and those of African governments and political parties.

Those of fellow Africans who have passed their adventure will be more attention to serve as an example or role model to other aspirants. For that we are putting up our group of correspondents in every country in the West that the new broadcast on Elite TV1 International antennas. So, we are in constant contact with our correspondents’ base in African capitals to be central to the political and economic news from different African countries.

No one shall be a specialist in Africa that Africans themselves.

Contrary from those people who would think all a bit the same way for certain things, Elite TV1 International wants the brand of the outstanding and memorable socio- political events that can bring everyone.

Elite TV1 International wants to build a positive image of Africa and its Diaspora with the world, handing the microphone to its population, which has a say in running the country.

Elite TV1 International wills political news on the economic, cultural and sporting African and Diaspora.

Elite TV1 International is for viewers of all ages.

To maintain our independence and moral integrity of our teams, Elite TV1 International is not under the authority of any outside or inside the government, political parties or other organisations to influence. All investments come from own resources. That will lead to the project until term preserving our independence.