The silences of Africa toward Brexit!! What does Africa gains from the new global structure?


 Mustafa Tahir Sougomi is an Economist and Consultant in London.

Mustafa Tahir Sougomi is an Economist and Consultant in London.

Since the Brits decided their future (Brexit), I had an important question in my mind. The question that must be asked to the African leaders in general and particularly the most inhabited and economically advanced countries in Africa such as Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa and Ivory Coast. My question is, why does Africa remained silence toward this lifelong game change within global Power “Brexit”? Africa unconscious with what is going on with global politics. Brexit doesn’t allows Africa to engage with the global economy?

Firstly, I use term Africa I don’t mean Africa that known for centuries as it useless and unalterable with corrupted leaders. Here, I mean today`s Africa with an estimated population of over one billion people. Africa the continent that represents one of the richest continent, its natural resources can be used to create immeasurable economics these including; Oil, Gas, Agriculture, Gold, life-stocks and other uncountable resources. 

Regardless of the mentioned above; human capital and natural resources, historically, Africa have been a playground for ex-colonies and Chines and many other, always they want take something from Africa without giving back. African leaders are just like a manger in profitable firms and accepted conditions without any questions, which allowed their masters to change them once the profit is low. Its young children dying of malaria and other diseases that could be treated with a less than $20. Its young’s adult running away from the poverty and looking for better future.  

Consequently, here I don’t want to overestimate something that doesn’t exist. But most of these issues with Africa today are driven from so called “the European Union”. Until 1973, the year that the United Kingdom joined the European Union, Africa was one of the most rapidly growing economy in the globe. Estimated some of the African countries were growing faster than South Korea. This is due to there were some sort of free trade or economic movement between the west and Africa specially the colonise; Britain, France, Portugal and Span. However, the problem started after the European Union strengthened and Britain joined in 1973. The expansion of the Union with employed aggressive trade and agriculture policies that isolates nations based on origins and geography invented and called European Union internal and external policies. And they adopted discriminatory European single market that doesn’t allow so termed outsiders bring their goods as multilateral agreement cited. These developments pushed developing nations in general and predominantly Africa suffered and discriminated for taking advantage to entering trade with Europe. Similarly, African agriculture sectors were destroyed and put out of businesses by granting subsides and supports that distort international prices of these goods. These supports and subsidies made import from Africa is impossible and imposed more restrictions on agricultural exports to the European Union.

 let’s back to the raised question, so why the African leaders don’t say with one voice welcome Britain back, we respect your choice of being out of this Unsolicited Union and most world known Aggressive and dictatorship organisation towards Africa and its economy that destroyed African Agriculture with its Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).  And ask Britain to open its trade barrier to them, which allow Britain to Entre a trade of over one billion consumers. While Africa can learn from Britain`s experiences and services as London is number one global services city. The Brexit is a huge opportunity and game change for discriminated countries and continent such as Africa which enable them to be part of the international arena. Today Britain need all kind of support to strengthens its new trade negotiations with its ex-partners. Thus, African need to use this kind of opportunities to engage into global economic, because this kind of opportunities does not repeat all the times.   

Therefore, one of the simplest analytic that Africa would be better off is the advantage that possibly caused by the divergence of EU budget contribution that more likely to occurred after the Brexit. Because of who would pay the differences. So what would happen to the Common agriculture policy as it takes almost 50% of the total EU budget once Britain leave the Union. This gap definitely recreates opportunities for African agriculture sectors. Moreover, Africa most support Brexit and any other possible exit from the European Union because this Union is working to help European countries in expense of Africa and other Developing countries.

A contribution from Mustafa Tahir Sougomi,

Economist and Consultant

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